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The Complete AP Surf Training Program at Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Full Package Monthly Workout at Buenos Aires
“I don’t have on-season and off-season training, i´m training for life”. Laird Hamilton.

Surfing is a physically demanding sport, and what you are doing outside of the water to improve your performance will really make the difference. Regular workout is essential to improve your technique and prevent injuries, allowing you to prepare your muscles, reduce the fatigue during outings and ultimately improve your surfing.  
AP Surf has built a solid foundation to improve your athletic capabilities that will have a direct impact on your surf skills.

AP programs are made by professional surfing coaches for any kind of surfer, and all ages.

Paddle workouts, stretch routines, cardio and endurance, full-body workouts. Boost your surf skills.


✔️ Full Package Monthly Fee includes access to all Training session of Functional WorkoutYogaSurfskate and Lap Pool Training offered weekly in differente modalities and locations.
📅 Monthly subscription runs for 30 days, starting on your booking day on Karibu.

1. Functional Workout
It will help you to upgrade the way your body moves and functions by improving your strength across movement patterns and increasing the physical performance of your body.  Its not how much weight you can lift, its how much strength you can incorporate into your movements.
  • Presential modality at La Fábrica. Our training center, located in Villa Crespo (Acevedo 768) Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 7:30 pm
  • Virtual via Zoom (IP) Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays. 7:00 pm
All equipment included.
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

2. Yoga 
Stretch and strengthen all your surfing muscles.
It complements surfing perfectly as it builds strength, flexibility, balance and reduce chronic aches and pains. Also is useful to heal and prevent injuries. As well is a good way to increase your flexibility, and improved your balance, coordination and range of motion.
  • Virtual via Zoom (IP) Tuesday and Thursdays. 8 am
Duration: 1 hour

3. Surfskate 
This practice is an excellent way to practice dry surfing.
The surfskate serves above all to work on the balance, on the position and on the technique of pumping on the wave to gain speed thus passing the sections more fly of the wave. 
Surfskating has the advantage of allowing you to train regardless of the conditions and allows you to repeat the movement until it becomes an automatism. Our body’s needs to memorize the movements and repeat them. The more you repeat them, the more natural they will be in the water.
It’s an essential part of a complete training surf routine, for those who do not live in places near the sea.
  • Presential modality at Lago Regatas, Palermo, Buenos Aires. Tuesdays and Thursdays. 7 pm
Duration: 1:30 hs.

At Lago Regatas, Palermo, Buenos Aires
4. Lap Pool Training

Being able to carry out functional training adapted to surfing in a swimming pool represents the possibility of being able to train with specificity the different technical gestures that the discipline demands.

Developing the training session within the environment in which we will later practice the sport, with the same elements and under similar situations, will give the athletes the possibility of being able to familiarize themselves with the sport in a more effective way.

The development of the aerobic metabolism, the work of the anaerobic power, the stimulation of the amnea, and the mechanics of the paddling are the fundamental pillars to work in these classes.


Modality: 1hs in the pool with professional coachs and surf instructors
Lessons: Mondays 9pm and Saturdays 10am

✔️ What's included:
  • Surf board
  • Safety equipment
  • Training equipment
  • First Aid 
❌ What´s not included:
  • Transport to location
  • Waterglasses
  • Towels
At Relax Centro Deportivo - Av. La Plata 1711. CABA. Buenos Aires. Argentina

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