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90' Online Functional Workout for Surfing

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Online Functional Workout for Surfing 
Surfing is a physically demanding sport, and what you are doing outside of the water to improve your performance will really make the difference.

Regular workout is essential to improve your technique and prevent injuries, allowing you to prepare your muscles, reduce the fatigue during outings and ultimately improve your surfing.  

AP Surf has built a solid foundation to improve your athletic capabilities that will have a direct impact on your surf skills.

Train hard and you will be able to improve surfing and enjoy your time in the water.
AP programs are made by professional surfing coaches for any kind of surfer, and to all ages.

Paddle workouts, stretch routines, cardio and endurance, full-body workouts


Functional Workout Program
It will help you to upgrade the way your body moves and functions by improving your strength across movement patterns and increasing the physical performance of your body.  Its not how much weight you can lift, its how much strength you can incorporate into your movements.

💻 Virtual via Zoom (IP)
Link & password to be delivered by e-mail before the session
Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays. 7:00 pm (GMT -3 AR Time)
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

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